Advanced Technology
advance-technology Technology that helps us save money in health care costs and improve on delivering quality health care services.

Healthcare Solutions
health-care-solutions We simplify the business of healthcare with our innovative healthcare solutions, so you can take care of people and your bottomline.

Quality Healthcare
quality-health-care Everyone deserves quality health care. We consider quality to be one of our core values, as well as a key business strategy.

Investment Committee

Workers Health Pharma
Workers Health Technologies
Workers Health Infrastructure
Workers Patient-Practitioner Interface
Workers Health Financial Services

 Portfolio Key Elements

Investment Strategy

Innovation : Generation and exploitation on new ideas. Value creating within a focused area of opportunity.

Portfolio Design

A balanced yet back and forward integrated portfolio of investments in health.

Investment Process

Working via investment , credit and risk committees per transaction/ project.

National Health Insurance

Premised on the ideology that all South Africans are entitled to access quality healthcare.

Portfolio Mix


Workers Health with both an investment and an operational company has 6 major portfolios managed by specialists/experts in that portfolio.

  • Hospitals & Hospital Infrastructure
  • Pharmaceuticals Value Chain
  • Risk Management & Modelling
  • Medical Equipment & Technology
  • Health Information Systems
  • Health Funding & Finance
  • Medi- Finance and Payment Solutions
  • Practitioner Interface Projects & Technologies
  • Skills Development & Service Up skilling
The portfolio design team focuses on the numerous sub-sectors which have a certain investment allocation and trajectory to be implemented in the next 5 -10 years.

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